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Handwoven Textile Art

Julia Complin textile art

Inspired by wild & ancient landscapes of Scotland.

Re-wild your indoor space.

Embrace nature and bring it into your home with handwoven textile art.


Based in Scotland my textile designs are inspired by the colours and shapes of rugged mountain landscapes, ancient woodlands, wild glens and peat bogs. Walking through the mountains, the demands of these landscapes, their remoteness, physical challenges and sometimes hostile weather all waken the senses and feed the soul. The mountains have the power to repair and restore the balance of our minds. Inspired by these landscapes I create handwoven textile art that connects us to these places.

Autumn Carngorms

Please contact me via email if you have any enquiries about my artwork or would like to arrange to speak on the phone.

All available work can be purchased through PayPal or via bank transfer.

Commission enquiries for residential or commercial spaces are welcome.


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Cairngorm Plateau
Handwoven textile art, Cairngorm Pateau

Handwoven textiles allow for experimentation and pushing of boundaries in ways that manufacturing fabrics cannot. Each design is a unique piece of art, carefully handcrafted using natural sustainable yarns and I am constantly driven to consider the impact of my work on the environment. Connecting to nature and the landscape encourages a greater understanding of these places and our impact on them.


Yarns are sourced from the UK, working with beautiful lambswool from British mills. In addition to wall art, I sometimes weave wraps and throws using organic cotton and linen yarns from Sweden.

Julia Complin weaving on a Glimakra loom
Detail of design on the loom
Weaver's cottage

I work from a 240-year-old Weaver’s Cottage in a small village west of St Andrews in Fife. Flax was once grown across much of Fife and woven into course linen fabrics for waggon covers, furnishings and sacking. While I respect the weavers that once worked and lived here, today I weave contemporary designs for the future while still retaining the same underpinning values that designs are fit for the purpose.

The Flow Country, Caithness, scoatland

Textile art is only beautiful if all aspects from inspiration to craftsmanship and the finishing process are beautiful, with the planets best interest at heart.

Any questions, please email me or fill out the form on my Contacts page. Thank you!

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