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Weaver's Cottage


‘’As a child growing up in London, I sometimes sat in the garden in the rain on a red camping stool under a black umbrella. I loved the fresh smell that rain brought, the sound it made tapping on taunt fabric and how the colours around me became more vibrant. For a moment after the rain stopped, everything seemed to stand to attention and come more alive’’.


​As a young adult Julia went on geology fieldtrips into the British landscape. Standing in the rain, hammering away at rocks, listening to the downpour on her waterproof hood. So began a fascination between the natural world, the landscape and textiles.


​She completed a degree in geology and travelled to wild places. She walked up hills, into valleys and through woodlands for the sheer joy of it. She loved to be out in dramatic weather, wild camping in remote Scottish glens and developing a deeper connection to the landscape. Safely protected from the drumming of the rain blown against the fabric of the tent.


​Growing up in a home of makers, her mother and grandmother sewing and knitting and her father teaching himself woodworking skills, it was inevitable that Julia would also lead a creative life. After a first lesson in weaving on a 4-shaft table loom a passion for designing woven fabrics began.


​A diploma in woven textile design followed with a work placement in a New York design studio which led to creating woven fabrics for the fashion, interior and transport markets.  As a freelance designer, Julia’s work was sold across Europe, North America and Japan through trade fairs and working with mills. 


Today Julia designs and handweaves textile art to wear or hang on the walls, working from an old Weaver's Cottage in a small village near St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. She also enjoys running in the countryside, which gives her a heightened sense of engagement with the landscape and Scottish weather.


"I feel a sense of belonging living closer to nature and the wilder elements. Dwarfed by the landscape in the Scottish Highlands, I am moved by the weather, the colours and the sense of isolation. Everything I see lifts and empowers me and plays a role in my work".

Camping in the Cairngorms
Running in the Cairngorms
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